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Queens and Roosevelt Island Tour

$ 59.00

  • Every Tuesday and Thursday, starting at 3 pm

  • City Tour guided by an Urban Explorer

  • Explanations in Italian

  • Duration 3 hours

  • Includes transportation to Queens, roundtrip

 Queens is one of the mysterious districts of New York. Few have the courage to go visit by themselves, but you cannot avoid a visit in heart of the multi-ethnic part of the city.

A walk that shows the real face of New York, far from the spotlight of Manhattan, it is worth the shot. During this visit we will pass across Astoria, the heart of the Greek- American community until we reach the Socrates Park. From here, walking along the banks of the East River, we will pass on the hidden bridge (Roosevelt Island Bridge), to get to Roosevelt Island. We will have a closer look to the Ravenswood Generating Station, before we reach the island. We will cross the whole island to see the Memorial dedicated to President Roosevelt. A charming ride in the cable car will take us back to Manhattan.


Meeting point: Our tour starts from the Zibetto Espresso Bar, at number 1385, 6th between 56th and 57th St., not far from Central Park.

Meeting point:

Zibetto Espresso Bar

1385 6th Ave

New York, NY 10019

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